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I’ve returned – with lots on my mind

October 29, 2013

I realized today that I haven’t written in nearly two months! I’m still here, and resolve to get writing again. We’ve just been a bit busy since the fall. I’ve been working 15 – 20 hours a week, which sounds like a little, but seems like a lot. J has started preschool and has learned to successfully defecate into the toilet. (Yes, we decided to try one more time before the baby arrives, and it was much easier just a few months later.) We’ve also been on the very busy 3-year old birthday party circuit that includes many barnyard animals, some puppets and quite a bit of cake.

So, here’s a quick run down of the things I might have posted about if I’d just sat down to do it over the last two months:

We had a wonderful time pumpkin and apple picking at Shelburne Farm, not too far outside of Boston. The apples were actually crazy-expensive, but I guess you pay for the experience, especially that close to the city. And we did have fun.



We carved the pumpkins a few days ago, in preparation for Halloween this week. We used this adorable free owl pattern because it reminded us of one of J’s current favorite bedtime books, Little Owl Lost.

My part-time work has gotten me thinking a lot about the whole working vs. staying-at-home debate, and I’m steadfast in my conclusion that the right balance is so individual. 15-20 hours may not sound like a lot, but for me it’s the max right now (and I feel lucky that I get to choose — I know there are many moms who wish they could work 20 hours or less, but have to work full time.)  Most of the articles circulating about this push the idea that women need to be more ambitious — lean in, perhaps? — but this one was a different take, describing what a lot of women feel about the work-life balance.

We still haven’t settled 100% on a name for our newest little guy, set to arrive in mid-December.  I’m still (somewhat) enjoying baby name research — like this fun GIF that shows the most popular boys’ names in each state, over time.

I’m sure there’s more on my mind, but it will give me incentive to keep on writing, especially as our lives are about to become topsy turvy again…very soon.



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