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Motherhood many ways

August 1, 2013

One of my favorite mothering and life blogs, A Cup of Jo, has recently started a series called Motherhood Around the World. It highlights American mothers who are raising their kids in another country. Through their words and lovely pictures, they share things that surprise them about motherhood abroad. Truly fascinating.

Did you know that in Congo, babies ride on their mothers’ backs with them everywhere from three weeks old to two years old?

And did you know that in Norway, most kids start Barnehage (Norwegian for “children’s garden” — basically Norwegian pre-school and daycare)  when they’re one year old? It’s subsidized by the government to encourage people to go back to work. And it’s a good time to go back: Norwegian mothers get 10 months maternity leave at 100% pay or 12 months maternity leave at 80% pay.

And did you know that in the more rural areas of Japan, the entire town helps the kids walk safely to school?

You can read and view more of the Motherhood Around the World series by clicking the links below — and keep checking back to A Cup of Jo because the series will continue. I’m looking forward to the next installment.

Democratic Republic of Congo



[All images via A Cup of Jo]

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