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Wonder(ful) week

June 27, 2013


We’re having a wonderful week in Cape Cod, resulting in my Internet silence. We’ve had spectacular weather so far, despite my fears, and have spent a good deal of time on the beach relaxing, reading, and digging sandcastles.

J’s been having fun, of course: his doting extended family and a whole beach to explore. What could be better? Despite this, he’s been on the (very) cranky side when things aren’t going exactly his way. (Luckily, due to the doting family members, things have mostly been going his way.) I’ve been trying to diagnose the reason for this moodiness. Lack of sleep? Being away from home? Getting out of his routine? Probably all contributing factors. But, we’ve traveled before and he’s often quite pleasant.

It occurred to me that, perhaps, he’s going through a toddler-age “wonder week” of brain development. When he was a little guy, I discovered this book called The Wonder Weeks. The theory? Babies all go through predictable age-linked leaps during their first twenty months. During this time they learn more than any other time, but they also will be cranky, clingy and have trouble sleeping. I found the book when J was already mostly through his “leaps” so I can’t say if all of his cranky periods lined up with the predicted times. It’s an interesting theory, and one that makes it a little easier to take the crankiness — knowing that it’s just his brain figuring out the big world. And knowing that soon it will be over.

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