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The best shampoo I’ve ever used

June 13, 2013

I just purchased my second tub of Lush BIG shampoo, and I felt like I had to gush about it. If you have fine hair (that’s fine as in thin, not fine as in sexy or attractive) and are in the market for a new shampoo, you should try it out. I started using it a few months ago and it’s — by far — the best shampoo I’ve ever used. A lot of “volumizing” shampoos leave your hair filmy. My hair dresser used the attractive word “build up.” This one leaves my hair bigger and feeling cleaner.

It takes some getting used to because it’s not like other shampoos. First, it comes in a tub, not a squeeze or pump bottle. You have to dig out a little scoop (and make sure you’re not getting your shower water into the tub as you scoop.) It’s got a very different feel, too. It’s filled with coarse sea salt, which, according to the Lush website, is “full of minerals and de-greases hair, removing dead skin cells and dirt without stripping natural oils for a fresh, squeaky clean feeling.” At first, it seems like the stuff won’t suds up properly, but if you add a little water and rub your hand it in, it gets very sudsy — much better, in fact, that many other shampoos I’ve tried. I never have to re-lather.

I posted a few months ago about my quest to be more natural in my product selections. I have to disclose: this one is good-but-not-great. It does contain some supposedly no-no ingredients. Lush claims that they use only “safe synthetics” and all ingredients are explained on the website. You can click through and read about each one. Considering this is my favorite shampoo ever, I’m going to assume they’ve done their homework.

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  1. June 14, 2013 8:50 pm

    Wondering how it would be on hair that’s been colored?

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