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Adorable teacher gift — the easy way

June 6, 2013

J spent two mornings a week in “school” this year. He was lucky enough to have wonderful teachers who made his first school experience fun and safe. To thank them, we made these adorable teacher gifts: a flower pot that says “Thank you for helping me grow” in chalk. I found the idea on Pinterest, but adapted it so it was even easier.


To make this, you need:

Small flower pot. (The original idea from Ben Franklin Crafts and Frame Shop in Bonney Lake, WA called for a terra cotta pot, painted with black chalkboard paint. I found these inexpensive pots at Crate and Barrel and decided this was much easier. They are intended for planting and labeling herbs, and they fit this purpose masterfully. Perhaps the teachers can re-use for herbs in future summers.)

Flowers to fill the pots. I decided on bright Gerbera daisies that were available at my grocery store.

Soft tape measure.

Glue. Regular Elmer’s works fine.

White chalk.

The steps are simple. If you’re painting the pots, do this first and let them dry. Once the pots are ready, cut a strip of measuring tape and glue it around the top. Then write your message in chalk. It was actually very difficult to write neatly on the small pots, so I was grateful that I was able to erase and re-write a few times.

And, that’s it – done! Just like J’s first school year. (Sniff.)

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