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Good books: eBook edition

June 3, 2013


While a good old-fashioned hardcover or paperback still beats an eBook in my eyes, I have developed quite a love for my Kindle. The benefits: You can bring multiple books on vacation, all in one slim, little device. If you decide you want a book, you can have it that very instant. You can also easily read it with one hand (a friend with a newborn touts it as her savior during middle-of-the-night feedings).

All those eBook purchases can add up, though. I recently discovered a website called It aggregates eBook deals from all the major retailers and emails you a list of deals of the day. Most are free or nearly free. So far, I’ve downloaded two free books — one that looked like a good, mindless beach read and another how-to book about keeping your house clean and organized (definitely need help in this area). Neither I’d heard of before, but they were free, and perhaps worth checking out. If I don’t like them, I can easily delete them from my Kindle list.

Judging from the emails I’ve received so far, the books aren’t the current best sellers or even last year’s best sellers — but I’ve noticed some quality selections among the deals. Most notably, ‘Tis by Frank McCourt appeared a few days ago. I would’ve bought it, but I already own it in hardcover. Currently, How to Grill by Steve Raichlen is also only $2.99. We also have this one sitting on the shelf in our kitchen or I’d probably grab it, too.

I suspect eBooks will never fully replace “real” books in my eyes or in my house, but they have become a wonderful supplementary option for getting reading material into my hands. Especially when they’re free.

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