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Pretty as a picture

May 28, 2013


I’ve been at my parents’ house the past few days, and a wall in our dining room reminded me how much I love decorating with old black and white photos. It’s such a classic, classy way to fill a wall — sentimental, but tasteful. I don’t currently have such a wall in my own house, but I’d love to make copies of some old black and whites from both my family and T’s. The wall my mom created has all four of my grandparents, my mom’s family when she was a kid, my dad’s grandparents, and my grandma with her sisters. It also has a picture of me when I was a baby. Not really an old black and white photo, but a fine filler that completes the wall.

I’ve done a lot of decorating with (new) photos in our house. I’ve mostly used landscape shots from past vacations. It’s fun to have a visual reminder of our travels on our walls — and it’s a relatively cheap way to decorate.


In our dining room, I added a series of beach shots from a vacation to St. John.


And our bedroom wall has a series from a trip to Italy.


And another from St. John in our office.

It seems that I’ve chosen all very symmetrical layouts, similar frames and clean lines, but I’m a big fan of eclectic photo walls. Here’s one from Pinterest that caught my eye:

Getting all the different frames in the right place takes some skill — and probably trial and error — but looks so great when complete.

I also liked this asymmetrical photo wall. I would never think to line the photos up like this, but it looks wonderful. I love the vibrant colors.

And here’s one more fun way to do photos on the wall: no frames at all, just wires and clips.

[bottom 3 photos via Pinterest]

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