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Good books: Someone Could Get Hurt

May 24, 2013

I just finished a parenting memoir from a dad — Drew Magary of Deadspin and GQ. His new book, Someone Could Get Hurt: A Memoir of Twenty-First Century Parenthood, was refreshing and funny in its honesty. It was also emotional and touching, and once or twice made me cry.

This excerpt that appeared in GQ gives a little taste of the tone of the book. It was fun for me to read a dad’s perspective (often not that different from a mom’s — but sometimes) and especially a dad of this personality: Magary seems to be every bit a guys’-guy. It’s how I imagine things running through my husband’s brain when he’s caring for our son. Example: Magary challenges himself to beat his time-speed record for grocery shopping while toting two children. Or, while trick or treating with kids, he desperately attempts to follow another dad who brought beer in a wagon. Many laugh-out-loud scenarios ensue.

But my favorite part was hearing Magary get emotional about his kids. He’s head over heels for all of them, and went through a tough trial with his third child who was born prematurely. These moments ring especially true and poignant because of Magary’s honest tone throughout the rest of the book. When he cried, so did I.

For more of Magary’s take on the world, here are some of his “Dadspin” posts on the sports blog, Deadspin:

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How to Sleep Train a Selfish Baby

And here’s a Deadspin post that has nothing at all to do with Drew Magary, but is just so adorable that I had to pass it along.

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