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Second City nostalgia

May 23, 2013

After a brief hiatus (Chicago trip coupled with a sickness running through our house), I’m back.

We had a wonderful time in Chicago. We visited one of our favorite restaurantsSmoque — for lunch, took J to his first Cubs game, and saw some lions at the Lincoln Park Zoo. A few weeks ago, I posted about becoming a suburban mom and how, although I miss living in the city, the burbs are just right for us at this stage in our lives. My time in Chicago made me very nostalgic for my city-days. We stayed in the part of Lakeview called the Southport corridor, and the area was just teeming with families: toddlers, babies, dogs. I realized that if we’d stayed in Chicago instead of moving to Boston, we probably wouldn’t be suburbanites just yet.

There are, of course, pros and cons, to both ways of doing things. In one way, Boston is wonderful because moving to the suburbs doesn’t mean moving out of the city completely. Chicago is so large and traffic is so terrible, that once you’re out of the city, it’s quite the journey to get downtown. In Boston, we go downtown all the time. We drive for fifteen minutes, or take the T (we’re a half mile from a stop).

On the other hand, in Chicago city-living with kids is much more do-able. Housing is more affordable, so you can get the extra bedrooms you need. There are more neighborhood-y neighborhoods with trees and single family homes. There are tons of things to do with kids, right in the city.

Of course, everything is about choices, and balancing the positives and negatives. There are many people in Boston who choose to forego extra space and raise their kids in the city. And many people in Chicago who really want that backyard. The trip just made me consider the differences between our old home and our new home; it was one of those what-our-life-might-have-been-like moments.

One thing’s for sure — we love to visit and we’ll be back soon.

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