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Now you see me…

May 13, 2013

photo booth

We took a few pictures on Sunday to commemorate Mother’s Day, and — sentimental like I am — I wanted to compare to past Mother’s Day shots to see how much J has grown. I found last year’s shot, but was shocked to learn that we hadn’t taken a Mother’s Day photo in 2011, my very first Mother’s Day. How could we miss something like that? I was astounded.

And then I remembered that, especially during those early, crazy days when J wasn’t sleeping well, I was very camera shy. I was sleep deprived and often disheveled and generally not camera-ready. And yet, two years later, I wish I had that photo of J and me on Mother’s Day, no matter how terrible I looked.

It reminded me of an article I read some months ago on the Huffington Post called The Mom Stays in the Picture. It must’ve hit home with many mothers because it went pretty viral. You may have already read it. If not, it’s worth a read. It’s heartfelt and oh-so-true and makes you tear up a little bit, thinking about your son or daughter looking back at photos from when you were young. (Did I mention that I’m sentimental?)

The author gets in a photo booth with her son, despite reservations about how she looks. Above is my own private (iPhone) photo booth with J, that we took one afternoon last October. I know someday he’ll look back and love our silly faces. And even if he doesn’t, I sure will.

So, moms, remember to stay in the picture.

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