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Elimination communication

May 6, 2013

Babies and diapers go hand in hand, right? For some parents, maybe not. Have you heard any of this buzz about diaper-free parenting? Also known as “Elimination Communication” or “EC”? This New York Times article gives a mostly judgement-less report on the trend, whereas Slate has a more opinionated view (the opinion being: this is completely nutty, kind of gross and probably even a health hazard). NPR takes a more nuanced view.

Considering I didn’t even entertain the idea of cloth diapers (sorry, Earth), it’s no surprise that I come out on the Slate side of things. I can’t imagine the number of items that are wet or worse in an EC household. Keep that stuff where it should be: inside some leaf-proof Pampers.

We should be getting to the end of J’s diaper days soon. We’ve introduced the idea of the potty and have made some attempts to use it here and there (no real success inside the toilet, but the Thomas undies we let him wear during the trial got soaked.) I’m targeting mid-summer to try it full force. He’ll be two and a half then and wearing fewer clothes for quick potty trips. I’m not looking forward to the process, honestly — mostly for selfish reasons. Right now, I never have to worry about finding a bathroom when we’re out. And dealing with pee-soaked clothing changes doesn’t sound like much fun. But, it must be done at some point. Guess I need to get practicing my elimination communication.

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