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April 29, 2013

This weekend solidifies our status as suburban parents. We went to our first soccer practice. On a Saturday morning. With kids. What could be more suburban or more parental than that? It was a ton of fun, actually. If you’ve followed this blog before, you’ll know that J is only two years old. And, yes: they have two year old soccer in our town. And, yes: it was mass chaos. Thirty-ish two and three-year olds and their parents and their siblings and their pets all converge on a green field and balls are kicked around, sometimes with purpose. He loved it.

Here’s the scene (this is a calmer moment, pre-haphazard running from one side of the field to the other). Isn’t this just the most suburban picture you could imagine? Look at all that grass. Look at those doting parents. Look at the colorful playground in the distance. I definitely had a moment of self-realization: Guess I’ve become a soccer mom.


If that wasn’t enough, we also did a number of other uniquely suburban things this weekend — a full-on Suburbapalooza — including:

Grilling out in our backyard.

Picnic at the playground with neighbors.

Cleaning out our garage.

Fertilizing our lawn.

I still miss city-living. There are things I’ll always miss: frequenting a (non-Starbucks) coffee shop, walking across the street when I forgot to buy milk, (window) shopping at artsy boutiques, hailing a cab. But, at this stage in my life — and my son’s life — the suburbs have so much more to offer us. We may have to get in the car to go most places, but we can also open our back door and walk outside to our backyard.

Guess I’m embracing the role of soccer mom. Don’t worry, I’m still a few steps away from owning a mini van.

[Image via here]


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