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Celebrating new arrivals

April 19, 2013

After all the horrible news coming at us this week, it feels good to share something happy: One of my oldest and dearest friends had her first baby last Friday, a perfect little baby boy. (I attended her baby shower a few weeks ago.) As I was deciding what to send to celebrate her new arrival, I got to thinking about all the wonderful gifts friends gave me when J was born. Here are a few of my favorites.

Collage2 - Baby Gifts - updated2

1. Aden and Anais swaddling blankets. A friend gave me a set of these blankets when I was pregnant. They are incredibly soft and lightweight, perfect for swaddling, covering the stroller or carseat from the sun, draping over you to breastfeed — and many other uses.  J still sleeps with one in his big boy bed. <image via >

2. Trumpette socks. These may seem a little pricey for socks, but absolutely worth it. Not only are they adorable (in many different types of “shoes” for boys and girls), but they are the only socks that actually stay on a squirmy baby. <image via>

3. Personalized tote. It’s so fun to see your new little one’s name in print. A co-worker sent me a monogrammed L.L.Bean tote that we use all summer at the pool. Such a classic item that can last far past baby-hood. <image via>

4. Hooded towels – and other bath stuff. What is cuter than a baby after a bath? We received lots of adorable bath items when J was born, some monogrammed with his name, which made them even cuter. <image via>

5. Personalized stool. (Is there a theme here? It appears that I liked gifts with J’s name on them.) A friend sent this stool from Damhorst Toys, further personalized with J’s full name, birthdate, time, weight and length on the bottom.) Such a nice and functional keepsake. It always looked cute in his room, and as he got older, J has really enjoyed playing with the puzzle. He’s a little short to stand on this to reach the sink, but eventually this will serve that purpose as well. <image via>

6. Angel Dear lovie. I received our (first) Angel Dear blankie at my shower. These are the perfect security item for babies (past the infant SIDS-risk stage). They come in a myriad of different animals, all adorable. We now own three: the giraffe, the lion and the lamb. Wait, strike that — we own four. We have a back up giraffe because he has become the favorite and essential for sleeping. <image via>

7. First year frame. The first year goes so fast, and new parents take so many pictures. A frame that provides a display for a baby’s growth over the year is a wonderful keepsake. <image via>

8. Books. I’ve posted about my love of passing on books. This extends to children’s books as well. It was wonderful to receive much-loved books that helped us build our book collection when J was born. This is one of my favorites for little ones. <image via>

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