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Marathon Monday

April 15, 2013

Happy Marathon Monday! Today is the 117th running of the storied Boston marathon. “Marathon Monday” (more technically Patriots’ Day) marks the coming of spring here in Boston. 26,000+ runners will make the 26.2 mile trek from the start of the race in Hopkinton to the finish in Copley Square. The remaining mere mortals in the city watch and cheer, attend the home Red Sox game, or use the day as an excuse to have a cocktail before noon.

Patriots’ Day, a state holiday in Massachusetts, celebrates the Battle of Lexington and Concord. The marathon has been run on or just after Patriots’ Day since its inception in 1897. In 1959, the city added the tradition of an early Red Sox home game. The first pitch is thrown around the time the lead runners pass by Fenway.

A celebratory day all over the city. We live not too far from the marathon course and will head over with some of J’s toddler friends. Last year, I bought him a bright green cowbell from a vendor that he used to cheer on the runners. I promptly hid it after the race — It seemed so much louder in the house! — so I’ll have to dig it up for this year’s event.

For those outside of Massachusetts, today is merely Tax Day. No, not quite as fun. (Unless you are an accountant, in which case you may also be enjoying cocktails before noon.) To spice up the day, you might try to snag some of these Tax Day freebies — ranging from snacks to sex toys.

Bostonians, here’s a guide to watching the marathon.

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